About US


My name is James “Jim” Taylor, I am a seasoned tool enthusiast, master craftsman, and founder of Toolsproguides.com. With over 5 years of hands-on experience in the construction and woodworking industries, I am now  a go-to expert for all things related to tools and equipment. After years of working on various job sites, I have decided to share his passion for tools and launched toolsproguides.com.

As the lead author and editor of the website, I combine my technical expertise with a flair for storytelling, transforming complex information into engaging, easy-to-understand content. I am also dedicated to helping both DIY enthusiasts and professional tradespeople make informed decisions when selecting tools for their projects. My vast knowledge and experience with power tools, hand tools, and safety equipment has earned Me some loyal following within the online tool community.

When I am not testing the latest tools or writing comprehensive reviews, you can find me in my teaching workshops, restoring vintage tools, or spending quality time with his family. My dedication to providing valuable and reliable content is a testament to my love for the craft and my commitment to helping others succeed in their projects.