Are Simoniz Pressure Washers Any Good ?- All You Need to Know about Simoniz Pressure Washers

Are Simoniz Pressure Washers Any Good

Yes, Simoniz pressure washers are definitely good and one of the best pressure washers for cleaning decks and stairs, washing cars and bikes, and other small home cleaning needs. The pressure washer is of two types, the Electric Power Simoniz Models with different PSI and Gas Power Simoniz Models with different PSI as well.

If you are looking for a pressure washer, especially for home cleaning and car washing, and you are wondering, Are Simoniz pressure washers any good? well, the answer is Yes, however, they are other things you need to know about the Simoniz pressure washers like their pros and cons, recommended types and PSI, where to buy them, and a lot more.

In this article, I will be talking about the Simoniz pressure washers and everything you need to know about it. The purpose of this article is to help you make the right choice when it comes to being a Simoniz pressure washer, however, this choice is highly dependent on your intended use of the washer and a lot more. So if this interest you, consider reading this article carefully till the end.

Are Simoniz pressure washers any good

Simoniz pressure washers are generally regarded as good machines. There are several reasons why Simoniz pressure washers are considered to be of good quality.

Firstly, Simoniz pressure washers are built with durable materials, which make them long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. They are also designed with powerful engines and high-quality pumps that provide high pressure and water flow rate, allowing for effective cleaning of various surfaces.

Secondly, Simoniz pressure washers are easy to use, even for first-time users. They come with user-friendly manuals that provide clear instructions on how to operate and maintain the machines, ensuring that users get the most out of their machines.

Thirdly, Simoniz pressure washers are versatile machines that can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. They are suitable for cleaning different surfaces, including driveways, patios, cars, boats, and outdoor furniture.

Lastly, Simoniz provides excellent customer service and support, including technical assistance and repair services in case of any issues with the machine. This ensures that users can get their machines up and running quickly if they experience any problems.

In summary, Simoniz pressure washers are considered to be of good quality due to their durability, ease of use, versatility, and excellent customer support.

Types of Simoniz Pressure Washers

Basically, they are two types of Simoniz Pressure Washers, the electric Simoniz Pressure Washer and the Gas Simoniz Pressure Washer which is actually powered by Kohler.

The electric Simoniz Pressure Washer is a basic and small pressure washer for home cleaning, the washer isn’t very expensive as it costs only $150.

On the other hand, the Kohler Gas Simoniz Pressure Washer is some sort of industrial pressure washer that can carry heavier cleaning compared to the electric washer, however, the washer is also a little bit expensive as it cost around $700.

However, both the electric and Gas power Simoniz pressure washer have different models with different PSI, flow rate, and duty, below is a list of each of them;

Electric Power Simoniz Models:

  • 1,600 PSI and 1.25 GPM. This is their entry-level machine that is very portable and only weighs 19 lbs.
  • 1,700 PSI and 1.4 GPM. This is another entry-level machine from Simoniz that also has a hose reel and is 27 lbs.
  • 1,800 PSI and 1.4 GPM. Simoniz’s mid-range model. It sits low to the ground making it more stable. It’s 31 lbs.
  • 1,900 PSI and 1.4 GPM. 31 lbs and this model and all below have plastic nozzles and wand.
  • 2,000 PSI and 1.5 GPM. All metal nozzles and wand. 32 lbs.

Gas Power Simoniz Models:

  • 2,600 PSI and 2.0 GPM. Simoniz’s entry-level gas-powered machine. 69.5 lbs and comes with quick-connect nozzles and a zinc-coated steel wand to prevent rusting.
  • 3,000 PSI and 2.3 GPM. 81.5 lbs with Kohler RH series engine.
  • 3,200 PSI and 2.6 GPM. 81 lbs with Kohler SH series engine and all the premium components.


Below is a video from Deshawn Jackson’s youtube channel, reviewing the Simoniz pressure washer 1800 PSI.

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Simoniz Pressure Washer Models and Features

Below are the different Simoniz pressure washer models and features.

Simoniz 1700 Pressure Washer

Simoniz 1700 Pressure Washer

The SIMONIZ 1700 PSI pressure washer is ideal for cleaning vehicles, patios, lawn furniture, and much more.

This unit is equipped with a 3-in-1 wand that enables you to select different spray patterns with the twist of the wrist, and a foam blaster for soap application.

The upright design, hose storage, and onboard accessory storage enable ease of mobility and storage when not in use.


  • 1700 PSI peak pressure / 1.4 GPM
  • 2380 CU
  • Universal motor
  • Aluminium, in-direct drive pump
  • 27 lb 6 oz (12.5 kg)

Simoniz 1700 Pressure Washer Parts Diagram

Simoniz 1700 Pressure Washer Parts Diagram Simoniz 1700 Pressure Washer Parts Diagram

Simoniz 1700 Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Ensure you disconnect the machine from the power source before making any repairs.

Simoniz 1800 Pressure Washer

Simoniz 1800 Pressure Washer

The SIMONIZ 1800 PSI Pressure Washer features a unique horizontal design that provides extra stability and makes transport easy.

And with 1800 PSI of pressure you will make quick work of driveways, decks, windows, patio furniture, and more, all while reducing water consumption by over 80% versus a garden hose alone.

The patented Foam Blaster offers high-pressure soap application and hassle-free clean-up. For added convenience, this pressure washer is also equipped with an onboard hose reel and accessory storage.


  • 1800 PSI peak pressure / 1.4 GPM
  • 2520 CU
  • Universal motor
  • Aluminium, in-direct drive pump
  • 25 lb 13 oz (11.7 kg)

 Simoniz 1800 Pressure Washer Parts and  Simoniz 1800 Pressure Washer Parts Diagram

Below is a Diagram of the Simoniz 1800 pressure washer and its different parts.

Simoniz 1800 Pressure Washer Parts and diagram

Simoniz 2000 Pressure Washer

Simoniz 2000 Pressure Washer

The SIMONIZ 2,000-PSI Pressure Washer is engineered to make your outdoor cleaning easier.

This unit is equipped with a 3-in-1 wand that enables you to select different spray patterns with the twist of the wrist, and the patented foam blaster allows you the option of high-pressure soap application.

The powerful 13-Amp universal Motor delivers ample power for quick cleaning of driveways, decks, windows and other areas around the house.


  • 2000 PSI peak pressure / 1.5 GPM
  • 3000 CU
  • Universal motor
  • Aluminium, in-direct drive pump
  • 31 lb 8 oz (14,3 kg)

Simoniz 2000 Pressure Washer Parts Diagram

Simoniz 2000 Pressure Washer Parts Diagram Simoniz 2000 Pressure Washer Parts Diagram

Simoniz 2500 Pressure Washer

Simoniz 2500 Pressure Washer

The SIMONIZ 2500 PSI Pressure Washer features a powerful 150cc gasoline engine and delivers 2500 PSI of force for quick cleaning of driveways, decks, windows, and other areas around your home.

The compact design features handy onboard accessory storage, and three quick-connect project tips that offer a wide range of spray patterns for different cleaning projects.


  • 2500 PSI peak pressure / 2.0 GPM
  • 5000 CU
  • 3.6 HP (150 cc) OHV (overhead valve) engine
  • Heavy-duty, maintenance-free axial pump
  • 52 lb 14 oz (24.0 kg)

Let us not take a look at how to use and maintain Simoniz Pressure Washers

How to Use Simoniz Pressure Washer

To use a Simoniz pressure washer, follow these general steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the equipment: Read the user manual provided with your Simoniz pressure washer. Understand its specific features, controls, safety instructions, and maintenance guidelines.
  2. Prepare the pressure washer: Set up the pressure washer in a suitable location. Ensure it is on a stable surface and connected to a power source and a water supply. Make sure the water supply is clean and free from debris.
  3. Connect the hoses: Attach the high-pressure hose to the pressure washer’s outlet and securely tighten it. Connect the other end of the hose to the spray gun wand. Ensure all connections are secure and leak-free.
  4. Connect the water source: Attach the garden hose to the pressure washer’s water inlet and tighten it. Ensure that the water supply is turned on.
  5. Check the nozzles: Depending on the cleaning task, choose the appropriate nozzle for the desired spray pattern and pressure. Common options include a 0-degree nozzle for a concentrated, high-pressure stream, a 25-degree or 40-degree nozzle for wider coverage, and a detergent nozzle for applying cleaning solutions.
  6. Prime the system: Before starting the pressure washer, it’s important to prime the system. To do this, turn on the water supply and squeeze the trigger on the spray gun until water flows consistently from the nozzle. This will remove any trapped air from the system.
  7. Start the pressure washer: Turn on the pressure washer by flipping the power switch or pulling the starter cord, depending on the model. Follow the specific instructions in the user manual for your Simoniz pressure washer.
  8. Adjust the settings: Adjust the pressure settings, if applicable, based on the cleaning task and surface you are working on. Some pressure washers have adjustable pressure regulators or spray pattern settings.
  9. Begin cleaning: Point the spray gun away from people, animals, and delicate objects. Start by using broad, sweeping motions to clean the target surface. Keep the nozzle at a consistent distance from the surface for even cleaning. Move the spray gun closer or farther away as needed.
  10. Use detergents (optional): If your Simoniz pressure washer has a detergent tank or a detergent injection system, follow the instructions provided to apply cleaning solutions. Apply the detergent evenly on the surface and allow it to sit for the recommended time before rinsing.
  11. Rinse and finish: After cleaning, switch to a nozzle with a wider spray pattern and rinse off the surface thoroughly. Move the spray gun in overlapping motions to ensure complete coverage.
  12. Shut down and disconnect: Turn off the pressure washer and release any built-up pressure by squeezing the trigger on the spray gun. Disconnect the hoses, drain any remaining water, and store the pressure washer in a safe and dry location.

Simoniz Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your Simoniz pressure washer, be it electric or gas Simoniz pressure washer involves two steps. The first is identifying the problem and the second is fixing it.

However, after you have identified the problem and it is beyond your ability to fix it, you can consider calling an engineer to help you fix it, so you don’t spoil it more.

You can watch the video below to learn how to troubleshoot your Simoniz pressure washer if need be.

How to Troubleshoot Your Electric Simoniz Pressure Washer

Video from Simoniz Canada youtube channel

You can also read this blog post from to find out more troubleshooting guides and methods for an Electric pressure washer

How to Troubleshoot Your Gas Simoniz Pressure Washer

The engine won’t start or is difficult to start 

Cause Solution
The engine power switch is in OFF (0) position Ensure the switch is in ON (I) position
No fuel Fill the fuel tank with regular gasoline
Excess water pressure in pump or hose Release water pressure by squeezing trigger on gun
Choke lever not in right position 1. When cold starting the engine, set the choke to CLOSE or OFF

2. When warm starting, set the choke to OPEN or ON or try the middle position

Clogged carburetor Clean the carburetor. Refer to the instruction manual
Carbon build – up on spark plug Clean the spark plug. Refer to the instruction manual
Incorrect starting method Use correct starting method. Refer to the instruction manual
Choke lever in Close position Use correct starting method. Refer to the instruction manual

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Simoniz Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Here are the general steps to check and change the pump oil in a Simoniz pressure washer:

  1. Turn off the pressure washer: Ensure the pressure washer is turned off and unplugged from the power source. Disconnect the water supply and relieve any pressure by squeezing the trigger on the spray gun.
  2. Locate the pump oil cap: The pump oil cap is typically located on the pump itself, usually near the bottom of the pressure washer unit. It may have a label indicating “Oil” or “Pump Oil.”
  3. Remove the pump oil cap: Unscrew the pump oil cap in a counterclockwise direction to remove it. Set it aside in a safe place.
  4. Check the oil level: Use a dipstick or the oil level indicator on the cap to check the oil level in the pump. Ensure that the oil level is within the recommended range indicated in the user manual. If the oil appears dirty or contaminated, it is recommended to replace it.
  5. Drain the old oil (if necessary): If the oil needs to be changed, place a suitable container or drain pan below the pump oil drain plug. Unscrew the drain plug, located at the bottom of the pump, to allow the old oil to drain completely. Replace the drain plug once the oil has drained.
  6. Refill with new oil: Using a funnel, carefully pour the recommended pump oil into the oil fill opening. Fill the pump with the appropriate amount of oil according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Avoid overfilling.
  7. Reinstall the pump oil cap: Securely screw the pump oil cap back onto the oil fill the opening in a clockwise direction. Ensure it is tightened properly to prevent oil leaks.
  8. Clean up and dispose of oil properly: Clean up any spills or drips and dispose of the used oil in accordance with local regulations and recycling guidelines.

To determine the specific type and amount of pump oil required for your Simoniz pressure washer, it’s essential to refer to the user manual or product documentation. The pump oil specifications can vary depending on the model and type of pressure washer you have.

However, in general, most Simoniz pressure washers utilize a 30-weight non-detergent pump oil. Some models may require specific pump oil brands or types, so it’s crucial to consult the user manual for accurate information.

Simoniz Pressure Washer Manuals

The user manuals for Simoniz pressure washers provide essential information on how to operate the machine safely. They include a comprehensive parts list and assembly instructions, as well as instructions on how to properly maintain and care for the machine.

These manuals also cover important topics such as adding oil, starting and stopping the petrol engine, and winterizing the machine. In addition, they offer technical specifications and troubleshooting instructions to help users diagnose and fix any issues that may arise.

Warranty information is also included to ensure that customers are aware of their rights and protections. Finally, the manuals provide a detailed view of the pressure washer, with numbered parts and corresponding names listed below for easy reference.

  • You can view each model’s Manual at the Simoniz website here. Click on the pressure washer to see the manual link inside.

Simoniz Pressure Washer Repair

To repair a Simoniz pressure washer, you would need to use its pressure washer manual and then locate the particular issue on the manual you are facing on the washer, then follow the guide there to fix it. You can click any of the links below to download a soft copy vision of the manual.

Simoniz Pressure Washer Repair Manual

Below is a list of all models of Simoniz Pressure Washers repair manual from

Simoniz Pressure Washer Parts

Basically, a Pressure washer composes of six main parts: an inlet, motor, pump, pressure hose, gun, and nozzle. this is the same for the Simoniz pressure washer, as it composes of  an inlet, motor, pump, pressure hose, gun, and nozzle is the website store where you can buy Simoniz replacement parts. Once you find the part you need to can order them for delivery from their online store.


Simoniz pressure washers are widely considered to be good washers for cleaning different surfaces. They are built with durable materials, powerful engines, and high-quality pumps that provide effective cleaning.

The machines are also easy to use and come with user-friendly manuals, making them suitable for first-time users. Simoniz pressure washers are versatile and can be used for a range of cleaning tasks, and the company provides excellent customer support, including technical assistance and repair services.

All these factors make Simoniz pressure washers a good choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient cleaning tool.