Best 7 seater electric cars

Best 7 seater electric cars

Seven-seater cars are generally large cars. A seven-seater electric car was not available in the market before, but nowadays, seven seven-seater cars are available. 

There are varieties of seven-seater electric cars at different ranges. Knowing the various types of seven-seater electric cars before purchasing one is essential. 

My article here will show the different types of seven-seater electric cars and the performance of these types of vehicles. 

Some of these Best 7 seater electric cars are here as follows; 


This car is among the seven-seater vehicles. The car is beautiful and comfortable, has seven seats, and is best for family use. The price of these types of vehicles ranges from £129 470 to £142 090, depending on the type and quality of the vehicle.

The car is an automatic electric car with five doors; it has alot of space. In the front of the vehicle, the space is vast and comfortable. 

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The battery of these seven-seat electric cars has more than a year’s warranty. It can work from 259 to 301 miles depending on the range and model of the car, but 230 is the minimum range that the vehicle can drive. 


The Tesla Model X is a new innovative electric car with seven seats. The car is best to use for families. Tesla Model X’s price ranges from £88,000 depending on the quality of the vehicle. 

With the Tesla Model X, users can drive from 333 to 360 miles if the car’s battery is fully charged. Users can also decide on what battery capacity they want. 


This is another of the best electric cars with seven seats and an attractive interior and exterior. The vehicle is best for families and is comfortable with the entire space available. 

The price of the Peugeot R-rifter rangers from £32,000 depending on the quality of the car. The car is a seven-seater car, but you can adjust the seat to five seats if you prefer more space. 

According to the car manufacturer, you can drive up to 170 miles; the minimum range is 150 miles when the vehicle’s battery is fully charged. 

The maximum limit speed of this type of car is about 81mph. 


Volkswagen is a new and innovative car that is best for families. The electric vehicle has seven seats and a comfortable space for luggage and passengers. 

The battery has 82kwh, and you can drive from 250 to 350 miles if fully charged. 

The price of Volkswagen ID. Buzz starts at £ 60,000, depending on the quality of the car. 


This is a huge car that can take from five to seven passengers, depending on how you want your space to be. 

The car has a meagre price when compared with other electric vehicles. The price ranges from £31 610 depending on the quality of the car. 

The driving capacity of this type of car is 170 miles when the battery is fully charged. According to the manufacturer, the maximum limit for driving is 130 miles. 


This type of car differs from other electric cars because it is expensive but has a beautiful interior and exterior. The vehicle has a comfortable space for both luggage and passengers. 

The price of the car starts from £80 000 depending on the quality of the vehicle. The car can be used for long distances, driving up to 370 miles. 

7. KIA EV9

The Kia EV9 is a massive car with ample space. The price of these cars starts from £64 995 depending on the quality of the vehicle. 

Kia is a new electric car that can drive up to 300 miles if the battery is fully charged. 

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The car’s space is for seven seaters and ample boot space for luggage. It is best to use for a family trip. 


This car is an electric car that has seven seats. It has a considerable space; the car is very nice and smooth when driving. 

When the car’s battery is fully charged, you can drive for about 174 miles maximum. The maximum speed limit of the vehicle is about 81mph. 

These types of cars range from £32 000 depending on the car is quality. The vehicle has a perfect noise that cannot be disturbed. 

The seven seats can also be adjusted to five depending on how the driver wants the space. 


The Rivian R1S is an electric car with seven seats for passengers. The vehicle has a breakneck speed, like a sports car. It has three rows, and each row has a different space. 

The driving capacity ranges from 260 to 300 up to 400 miles. Four hundred miles is the maximum limit the car can reach when fully charged. 


This new electric car design still needs to be passed before it can be released. The car is going to be released in 2024.

The price of the car starts from $55,000, depending on the quality of the vehicle. The Hyundai electric car is designed to be like other seven-seat electric cars. The vehicle has a high-speed charging capacity. 


Various electric cars have seven seats all over the market now. Vehicles like the Kia Ev9, Mercedes Benz, Tesla Model X, Volvo Ex90, Vauxhall Combo Live Electric, Peugeot R-drifter, etc., all have seven seats. Each of these cars is designed with ample space that can be used for family trips.