Car body Maintenance- How to maintain your Car exterior

Car body maintenance

When we say car body maintenance, we refer to the outermost part of a car that we can see and touch. The primary function of the external part of a car is to protect the internal part of the car. 

Due to excessive use of the car, so many things happen that need to be repaired or maintained. So many factors cause a car’s body to get damaged. Some are caused by careless and improper care, while others are caused accidentally. 

Some examples of car body damage include rust, corrosion, cracks, and scratches. All these are caused by one reason or another.

My article here will show you the step-by-step processes for maintaining your car body. 

Some of the ways for a car body maintenance are here as follows; 

1. One of the first ways to maintain the lifespan of your car body is to always frequently wash it; these will help you to remove unnecessary dust and dirt that can cause the body of your car to get damaged. 

Allow so much dust and dirt on your car body can cause your car’s paint to get damaged When you want to wash your car body, make sure that you use the proper soap and a good towel to clean your car body to prevent scratches on your car. 

2. Another way to maintain your car body is to always keep your car in a covered garage or a place safe from sun and children. Because keeping your car under the sun can damage the car’s body, when a car is kept in a garage, it will also prevent unnecessary accidents that can damage the car’s body. 

This will also prevent children from intentionally using sharp objects to Scratch your car’s paint. 

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3. Excessive use of harsh chemicals when washing or cleaning the car body should be avoided to prevent the car’s paint. Harsh chemicals can cause scratches or fade your car paint quickly. 

Always check your car body frequently and regularly to check for damage to the car and repair them immediately to prevent tremendous and costly damage. 

Protective coats can protect the car paint from rain, sun, and other factors that can cause damage to your car body. The coating provides excellent protection to the car. It prevents the vehicle from rust, scratches, and other factors that can damage its paint. 

When using the car, make sure that you check for the best road to follow or drive on so that you will not damage or cause scratches on your vehicle. If you are to use a rough road, remember to drive carefully to protect your car. 

4. Another factor in maintaining the body of your car is you should not allow the drops of birds and other insects to dry up on your car body because if you allow them to dry up whenever you intend to clean it, it can cause scratches on the body of the car. So always clean it immediately to prevent the vehicle’s paint from getting damaged. 

5. When driving on a busy road, make sure you drive slowly and carefully so that you will not hit or get hit by other vehicles. Your side mirrors are essential. Make sure you always use them when you are driving because this will help you see those cars beside you. Be careful with them so you will not hit or scratch your car with another vehicle. 

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Driving on a busy road is one of the main factors that damage the body of care if care is not taken. So also be careful and drive slowly with care. 

6. When parking your car, do not park your car under a tree shade or near a tree. Parking your car under a tree shade can cause significant damage to the body of your vehicle. The fruit of a tree may fall and fall on your car, which can cause scratches or cracks. 

Another disadvantage of parking your car under the tree shade is that animals may also use your car as a step, step, and pluck the leaves of the tree, which can lead to cracks and scratches on your car. Children can also step on the car to pluck out the fruit of the tree, and this can cause damage to the body of your car.

So, always ensure you cover your car when parking it under the shade of a tree. 

7. Do not lend your car to learners and children. Learners and children drive very fast and carelessly, which may cause scratches or cracks on your vehicle because of improper use. So, to maintain the safety of the body of your car, do not give it to children and learners. 

They maintain their bodies because some people care more for their bodies than themselves. 


The above ways protect your car and keep the vehicle’s body from getting damaged. 

Ensure that all the ways of maintaining the car body we listed above, like avoiding harsh chemicals, using a clean and soft towel when washing the car, and driving safely and slowly when using the vehicle, have been implemented. These will protect the body of the vehicle as well as the internal part of the car. Because when the car’s body is affected, the internal part of the car can also be affected. Because the body of the vehicle protects the internal parts.