Do Electric Cars need Oil Changes : How to maintain electric vehicles

Do Electric Cars need Oil Changes

Electric cars are moving all around the road, but we keep asking ourselves, do these cars need oil changes? 

Electric cars are different from other cars that you see; electric cars have an eclectic motor, while other cars have combustion engines.  The answer to whether their cars need oil changes is capital No. Electric cars do not need any oil changes but require other fluids. 

So, if you need a low-cost maintenance car, the electric vehicle is best for you. It is not a free-maintenance car, but its maintenance is deficient. 

When we say electric cars, as the name indicates, “electric,” they use electricity instead of petrol or gas. Electric vehicles contain rechargeable batteries. The battery is then charged and used instead of being filled with gas or petrol. 

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Electric cars do not need oil changes because so many moving parts in a vehicle are not available in an electric car; since the car does not have these moving parts that need oil, there is no need to use oil for an electric car. 

Electric cars do not need oil change, but they require other things to maintain the efficiency of electric vehicles. 

Some of these things that an electric car needs instead of oil are as follows; 


To maintain your electric car’s safety, the battery must be checked regularly. One of the main problems an electric vehicle comes into contact with is heat. Heat is the primary factor of electric vehicles, so checking your electric car battery will help reduce the risk of battery heat in your electric vehicle. 

Using the engine coolant will help you significantly reduce overheating in your electric car. The battery coolant fluid of an electric vehicle does not need to be changed. 


A gearbox lubricant is another central fluid that an electric car needs. It helps greatly in controlling the speed of an electric car; the fluid in the gearbox of an electric vehicle does not need to change. 


The brake fluid has a vital role in an electric car. Having sufficient brake fluid in an electric vehicle will provide safety in your electric car. The brake fluid has to be changed at least every two years to ensure the efficiency of your brake. 


The cost of getting or buying an electric car is very high. The cars are costly to buy, but they have low maintenance.

When we compare an electric car with other cars, electric vehicles have a meager maintenance cost. This is because there are few moving parts in an electric vehicle. Moreover, it does not require oil changes, which makes maintenance cost meager. 

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Only the car’s battery can cost a higher price in electric car maintenance, but all other parts of an electric car have low maintenance. 


In an electric car, the charging equipment has to be checked frequently and regularly to ensure proper charging of your electric vehicle. Some of the charging equipment that needs to be checked periodically include the charging cables and the connectors of the electric vehicle. 


Regular charging of an electric car battery and frequent use of fast charge can put your battery at risk. So always use a regular charging cable to charge your battery to protect the lifespan of your electric car battery. 


Using an electric car is far better and costs less than other cars. But certain factors need to be considered before using an electric vehicle; some of these factors include;

How far will you drive? This is one of the significant things to consider in an electric car because your charging hours depend on how long you drive.  

You must drive slowly at a low speed to maintain your electric car charge. 


Hybrid electric cars are different from other electric cars. It needs oil changes, and this is because hybrid electric cars use both electricity and a combustion engine. Because of the combustion engine in it, it requires oil for the moving part of the car to move, while the other part of the hybrid electric car needs electricity. 


As we all know, all cars have an engine software in them, so electric vehicles have a software engine. However, the software in an electric car differs from other vehicles because an electric car has the latest and updated software. 


Absolutely, yes, when you compare electric cars with other types of cars, it is much easier to maintain because of so many things. One, electric vehicles do not need oil changes. Secondly, there are very few parts of electric cars, which makes them easier to maintain.  


Having an electric car is far better than using other vehicles. Compared with other cars, an electric car has a meager maintenance cost; it does not require oil changes. However, another part of an electric car must be checked regularly to ensure efficiency.

 Electric cars do not need oil changes, but they require other fluids like gear oil; this gear oil does not need to be changed; gearbox fluid helps the electric car’s speed, and oil in the gearbox needs to be changed from time to time. Brake and battery coolant fluids do not need to be changed.