Will an Air Compressor make Balloons Float

Will an Air Compressor make Balloons Float

Will an air compressor make balloons float? The answer is No. air compressors will not make balloons float. Helium gas must be inflated into balloons to make them float. Helium gas is way lighter than and less dense than hydrogen gas or ordinary air, and this is why helium gas is preferred.

An air compressor that compresses helium gas could be used to inflate balloons restricting the optimal performance of the balloon as it will make the balloons not float or will affect the compression.

I would advise you should use a dedicated helium compressor when working with helium gas to enhance perfect compression and also for safety purposes. Having a helium compressor for your balloons will be perfect.

Will an Air Compressor Make Balloons Float and How Does a Balloon Float

Describing how a balloon floats in layman’s terms is the simplest way to get the message across. When a lighter gas is dispersed in a heavier gas, the lighter one will float over it.

Balloons will float when filled with helium or gas that is lighter in density than the air around it.

Helium and hydrogen gas is lighter than air and is the most common gas known for being lighter in density. We would consider using hydrogen gas to make a balloon float since this article talks about floating balloons without helium.

Therefore, an air compressor will not make a balloon float unless the air compressor uses Helium gas.

Types of Decorative Balloons

It is very important to bear in mind to use the proper equipment when using helium to inflate balloons for either of the type of balloons listed below. They are 2 types of Decorative Balloons :

1. Mylar Balloons:

They are also known as foil balloons and are made from metallic polyester film. These balloons are very durable and have longer floating effects than latex balloons.

Mylar balloons are not typically inflated using air compressors. Instead, they are usually filled with helium gas.

Helium provides the buoyancy required for mylar balloons to float. Helium gas cylinders or tanks, equipped with a suitable nozzle or regulator, are used to fill mylar balloons.

2. Latex Balloons:

Latex balloons are made from natural latex rubber. They are highly elastic and can be inflated with either air or helium. Latex balloons are commonly used for parties, events, and decorations.

When inflated with air, they can be attached to walls, used for balloon sculptures, or arranged in various designs. When inflated with helium, they float.

Best Helium Gas Balloon Tank and Tank Regulator Guage

Below is the list of the top best  helium balloon tank and regulator gauges

1. Western Enterprises RPB-6HG Deluxe Balloon Inflators, Helium, CGA 580, 3,000 psi Inlet($76.25)

Western Enterprises RPB-6HG Deluxe Balloon Inflators

It is used for the fast inflation of latex balloons. It is a replaceable rubber tilt valve and a heavy-duty all brass Piston design. This helium inflator filters throughout to trap foreign materials and extend the regulator’s lifespan. See this product on Amazon

2. YaeTek Helium Latex Balloon Filler Air Flow Inflator Regulator Meter Inflating 0-3000 PSI Gauge for CGA580 Tank Valve($24.99)

It is a helium tank regulator with a gauge of 0-3000 PSI and a helium and hydrogen valve for most tanks. It is very well made and works perfectly. Much less expensive than local offers.

Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing. Check this product on Amazon

3. Helium Latex Balloon Filler Air Flow Inflator Regulator 0-3000 PSI With Gauge For CGA580 Tank Valve($36.99)

The easy-to-read pressure gauge can fill both mylar and latex balloons (auto shut off for foil balloons). For the CGA580 Tank Valves outlet thread (this is the typical Helium and Hydrogen valve for most tanks). The latex balloon inflator regulator is made of durable brass fittings and rubber.

4. Party Factory Helium Tank for up to 50 Latex Balloons, Helium Cylinder 14.1 cu. ft. Gas with filling quantity for Balloons

Whether brightly colored birthday balloons or sophisticated whites and metallics, helium balloons are the ultimate highlight at any celebration.

The cylinder contains 14.1 ft³ of helium, suitable for up to 50 standard balloons, with pure helium. The disposable helium tank is resealable and has a shelf life of several years.

5. High Pressure Disposable 30LB Filling 30pcs Balloons Helium Gas Tank($8.50-$19.00)

The High-Pressure Disposable 30LB Filling 30pcs Balloons Helium Gas Tank is another  Best Helium Gas Balloon Tank and Tank Regulator Guage.

Below are the steps on how to use this unit:

  • Move the cap
  • Fix the gas filling adaptor
  • Open the valve of the tank
  • Make the balloon fix on the gas filling adaptor
  • Once the filling is successful, close the valve to end the filling.

6. Helium Balloon Gas Cylinder Tank Canister Disposable Party – Fills 50 Balloons($60.18)

These terms describe the product as a portable and single-use container specifically intended for filling balloons with helium gas for a party or event decorations.

Easy to use just open the valve on the top of the canister and press the rubber nozzle to release the gas. Full instructions are included in the manual

How to Float a balloon without Helium Gas Manually

You might wonder if it is possible to float a balloon without Helium Gas. It is very possible to float a balloon without Helium Gas. We could use hydrogen gas as it is used to inflate a balloon also.

Materials needed: Balloons, Knot, Balloon glue, Ribbon, Scissors; and An Air Compressor

Here are the steps

  • Inflate your balloon with hydrogen gas
  • Seal up your Balloon by using a knot at the mouth
  • After tieing the mouth, use your ribbon and tie it around the neck if the balloon
  • You can now release it to float.


For a balloon to float, a Helium gas must be inflated to it. Air compressors do not provide the buoyancy to make balloons float. Helium gas is the key ingredient for proper inflation and floating effects.

Trying to use an air compressor for helium inflation will lead to contamination or probably will increase the risk of safety. Therefore, for correct inflation or proper floating effects, it is wise or should I say recommended to use a helium cylinder or tank. These tools will ensure the purity of your helium gas for optimal performance.